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January 10, 2013

My Review of Cocoons OveRx Slim Line M Sunglasses Black

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cocoons oveRx slim line sunglasses Black frame OveRx frames are the real thing it s committed to quality and innovation. The Cocoons Slim Line frame is one of those pairs of sunglasses you don t move without. Take it wherever you go….. Superior fit over your prescription frame and stylish too! ov…

The best Over-your-glasses Sunglasses

By Luke Climber from Austin TX on 1/10/2013


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Durable, Scratch Resistant, Comfortable, Adequate Tint, Good fit, Good Protection

Cons: Unattractive Design, Bulky To Store Away

Best Uses: Travel, At The Beach, Driving, Athletics

Describe Yourself: Practical, Comfort-Oriented, Active

Was this a gift?: No

I keep losing my Cocoons, and so I’ve tried other brands as stop-gap measures, like the over-your-glasses sunglasses that they sell at Wal-Mart. They look superficially similar, but there is really no comparison. For me, the Cocoons medium slim-lines fit to my rather narrow face, AND fit over my glasses without argument.

Cocoons provide fantastic coverage, featuring the obvious wraparound side panels, but also a nice top “brim” that blocks light entering the top, so I’m not a victim of all kinds of top and side glare on bright days. In my opinion there is really no better pair of sunglasses (short of something like Julbo Mountaineering glasses with leather side panels) for complete protection from glare, with or without prescription glasses underneath!

Cocoons have a pleasant texture to the rubbery frames, and the earpieces have a good texture and the ability to bend in or out to hold in place. Besides the fit which is superior to that of other brands, the optics also seem superior to me, particularly in terms of scratch resistance. Basically I lose them before they get scratched — not something I can say of those other options I’ve tried.

By the way, once you’ve gotten hooked on your Cocoons, don’t make the mistake my father-in-law did of choosing new regular glasses frames without bringing your Cocoons along for a test fit. He wound up with glasses that didn’t fit under his cocoons, which is how I wound up with his old pair and discovered that one of the larger sizes (that worked well for him) doesn’t work for me – it’s too wide and doesn’t fit stably on my face.

I was lucky and found my first pair of Cocoons at an optics store and found the size that fit me. The hardest part is finding the ones that fit your head AND fit over your glasses. Once you’ve gotten that worked out, you’re set for life — just keep ordering a new pair right before you lose the old ones!

The only real downside is that my Cocoons are 1) not highly fashionable and 2) they are bulky, and so when I’m trying to cram them in the top of my backpack, they take up a lot of room. I compensate for that by leaving the huge soft zippered case they come with at home, and instead put them in a cut-off old sock, or a light flannel stuff sack I found that’s obviously made for glasses. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade a more compact frame for more glare and less coverage! Thanks Cocoons for a great product!



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