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May 12, 2009

Car back – Wanna buy a car?

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As usual, I’m not punctual with my blog entries.  We ended up getting our car back just a few days after that last post.  I asked for the so-called documentation of the so-called new brain, but then paid the deductible without further ado, because I wanted the car back in the worst way.  Since I’d seen the car’s electrical system in major disarray during its long stay at the mechanic, I tried to go over everything before we drove away.  First, the left headlight didn’t work.  Then it was the dome light.  A couple of screws were missing that held down the console around the shift lever.  One by one and fairly quickly the mechanic fixed those things and we drove off.  By the next day we realized the fuel gauge wasn’t working, so we took it back and they fixed that too.  In every case, they just needed to plug in something.

So now the car works, and seems a little more powerful than before!  So, you wanna buy it?  Since we’re leaving Ecuador in June, we need to sell it.  Here’s the link to the attractive, you-too-could-visit-gorgeous-remote-places-if this wonderful-vehicle-were-yours action photos.  Thanks to Academia Cotopaxi former colleague E.J. Lux for the “pictures of car in amazing places” as a marketing tool idea – he made his junker Russian Lada look like a supermodel last year.  We’ve had a couple of people interested, but nothing firm so far.  Tell all your Ecuadorian friends and expats!



  1. Hola Lukito, como te esta yendo en tu anio sabatico? Como esta tu esposita? necesitas que te roben tu auto para que publiques en tu blog???? Bad boy!! saludos

    Comment by dunia — October 30, 2009 @ 3:31 pm

    • Hola dunia! so sorry no vi tu previo comentario hasta ahora. escribeme pues en gmail. Nosotros bien, yo bien flojo pero ocupado a la vez. Extraniandote a ti y las sopas de la cafeteria. :^) Tu? Saludos a Bill y a los del Board porfa.

      Comment by lstollin — October 30, 2009 @ 4:20 pm

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