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September 16, 2008

Whale Watching in Sua, Ecuador

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Just before school started, we took our first trip to the Ecuador Coast.  Our plan was to visit our Austin-Texas Peace Corps friends, Katelijne and Damon, see their town, Sua, eat some seafood and go whale-watching.  Oh, and chill.  All in 4 days.  Remarkably, we succeeded.  Damon and Katelijne were great hosts, taking us to the best restaurants, where we ate incredibly fresh ceviche and encocado, a rich coconut-based (but not coconut-tasting) seafood stew.  They also did a great job organizing the whale-watching trip for us and several other Peace Corps folks.  We’d given up hope of seeing any whales when a mom, dad, and baby whale (the baby being bigger than our boat) changed our mood from despondent to ecstatic — listen for Joy screaming on the audio track of this VERY brief clip.

The afternoon after the whale-spotting, we went to a rustic eco-resort called Playa Escondida, where we did the chilling out portion.  At low tide the sea went way out, and both mornings a family was wandering around with a bucket, stabbing into little cracks in the rock with a long wire that ended in a curved hook.  Since I had no idea what they were up to, and I felt it was my God-given right to know, I followed them until I caught up with them.  “What’s in the bucket?”  “Octopus,” came the reply.  If me stalking them down the beach was annoying, they didn’t know how good they’d had it.  I made them take the lid off the bucket. Wow!  Octopi around fist size were piled on each other and some were squirting out ink.  So then I made them give me one to hold.  Two mornings in a row.  Very cool, very sticky suction cups.  Oh, and they changed color too, from light to dark brown and back, faster than any chameleon.


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  1. Thanks for sharing another adventure! So you followed those octopus giggers until they shared their secret. Did you learn how to prepare those fresh creatures? Seems like ya’ll are packing lots of adventure into your Ecuador stay.

    Comment by Bettye Kelso — September 18, 2008 @ 9:06 pm

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