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September 4, 2008

Cajas National Park

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resized-IMG_2249 resized-IMG_2105In early August, I traveled with fellow teachers Tim and Erin to Cuenca, Ecuador, for climbing and hiking.  We ended up going to starkly beautiful Cajas National Park twice to hike.  We never got much in the way of sun and blue sky, but the views, near and far, were moody and captivating.  Our friend Keith says the park reminds him more of Scotland than Scotland itself (or something along those lines).  I’ll leave that to those who’ve been to Scotland, though the recent Patrick Dempsey romantic comedy was, I believe, filmed in Cajas National Park — the castles, I’m sure, were digitized.

resized-IMG_2238resized-IMG_2243 resized-IMG_2229 resized-IMG_2219resized-IMG_2158 resized-IMG_2180 resized-IMG_2169 resized-IMG_2139


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