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August 20, 2008

La Patada China (the Chinese Kick)

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Joy and I just squeezed in a visit to our Peace Corps friends Kat and Damon on the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast, where we ate amazing seafood, hiked on beaches, went whale-watching, and I got to hold a live octopus in my hand. It’s embarrassing that Joy and I have been in Ecuador for over a year without having visited the coast, it’s just that we’re not really beach people. The fact is, though, we had a great time and will surely go back. We just hope we don’t wind up with “The Chinese Kick,” which seemed to be going around.

This isn't it! (I found this on a google search)

La Patada China translates as The Chinese Kick. Damon and Kat reported that recently quite a few of their contacts in their town wouldn’t let them in their houses because some family member had The Chinese Kick. This was perplexing to them. “You won’t let me inside your house because your daughter has ‘The Chinese Kick’? And you’re afraid she’ll give it to me?” Clearly you can get The Chinese Kick really easily. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to imagine that you don’t want to get The Chinese Kick. So what is it? Though perhaps not politically correct, this disease nickname struck us all as pretty hilarious as it plays upon stereotypes from popular culture in an unexpected way.

It’s common in the U.S.; s and children can get “the kick,” and often you’ll be sent home from school or work if you get it. Chinese people (or any other Asians for that matter) need not be involved.

Are you ready to know? The Chinese Kick is the local nickname for Conjunctivitis. In the U.S. we call it Pink Eye. Why The Chinese Kick? Well, I think that when you have Pink Eye, it sort of looks like some martial artist kicked you in the face…. Joy added the insight that your swollen eye may take on a bit of an Asiatic slant.


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