Equator Gringos

December 15, 2007

Thanksgiving in Cuenca

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resized-jl-at-gallery.jpgJoy’s turn to write again (Luke’s all worn out from writing two posts last night).

When we were preparing to leave Austin, I practically begged my dad and step-mom Ellen to schedule a visit this fall – because I was scared that I would be homesick. Their much-anticipated visit came in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. It was really more like Christmas because they came bearing a large suitcase full of things from the States (pleasure reading books for me, Luke’s favorite granola from resized-de-at-gallery.jpgWhole Foods, Christmas presents from Luke’s family, and other things like vitamins and unscented soap that we can’t find in Quito). They stayed a couple of days with us being tourists in Quito and getting used to the altitude, then promptly flew off to the Galapagos islands for a five day tour on a yacht. They had a great time (although this trip also had its share of misadventures – like Dad falling into the water with his camera around his neck – a total loss (the camera, not the neck)). Ellen kept her neck and camera dry, so they still came away with hundreds of photos of the wildlife on the islands.

Back in Quito, they had another day and a half to be tourists before we all left for the colonial Ecuadorian town of Cuenca for Thanksgiving weekend. We toured the famous Eduardo Vega ceramic workshop in the hills overlooking Cuenca (Luke and I are sitting in front of one of his mosaics -above). We also visited Cuenca’s modern art museum – which we can’t recommend highly enough. It featured a fantastic exhibit of a local artist in a quaint old building with beautiful courtyards. Cuenca was a beautiful city, a relaxing place, and such a great way to spend Thanksgiving. We hope YOU will come visit us next!


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