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August 23, 2007

On the way to school

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Everyone at Academia Cotopaxi (myself included, despite what Joy might suggest) has been working hard getting ready for the first day of classes on Monday. There are scads of workers painting, installing new tile and counters in the bathrooms, and who knows what else. Will they get it all done? The school is lovely, getting lovelier by the minute, and the teachers all seem dauntingly bright, charismatic, and talented (I’m not sure I’ll pass muster). Luckily, they’re a friendly lot as well, and seem to be giving me the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

The view out of my classroom the lab

(click to enlarge images)  L. The view outside my classroom door.  R. My lab in an early stage)

There is a tremendous amount of work being done around the school by the administration at what seems to be the 11th hour. Tomorrow is our last work-and-training day before school starts, and they are still finalizing the schedule, some of the policies, the student handbook, and the class lists. This also meant that our training on how to use the electronic gradebook today (including taking attendance) had to be aborted because the class lists weren’t loaded. Will they get it all done? Will I ever learn the thousand mysteries of my fancy telephone?

As you might well guess, with all the last-minute goings-on, my style of thrill-seeking-through-procrastination, having stood the test of time in several domestic and international settings, is fitting right in. My personal plan? To take off for the weekend with Joy and our friends to Ibarra, Ecuador, site this year of the World Junior Rock Climbing Championships!


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  1. Interesting – you put a lot of work in this – thanks a lot. I especially like your “walk home”. It helps to picture where you physically are!

    Comment by Bettye Halperin — September 5, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

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