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August 8, 2007

Our place in Quito

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Well, it’s been days and days now. We’ve been in Quito for 4 action-packed days, and I have been wanting to write. I’ll be uncharacteristically brief:

We love our apartment (I’ll include pictures soon but I’m having trouble uploading) – the light from all the windows, the wood floors, the tiled kitchen counters, the two guest rooms, the whole room for storage, the abundant closet space featuring built-in cubbies and drawers, the incredibly central location (walking distance to grocery, hardware, mall, and about 6 bakeries). The only two things that bother us at all are that the lighting (after dark) is inadequate, which we are addressing by buying lamps, and the hot water heater which doesn’t give enough hot water for 2 consecutive showers. That’s going to get fixed soon too, as the landlady Kathy has agreed to let us pay the difference to get an on-demand gas water heater to replace the aging, and slightly leaking, electric tank . This should solve the running-out-of-water problem and be cheaper to operate.

There’s so much to write: impressions of Quito, all the things we’ve been doing with our friends Keith and Andrea and Emilia (their 4-year-old daughter), excitement and anxiety about school (new teacher orientation starts next week), and the barely-begun search for a used car. But alack (or is it alas? – in this, the interactive part of the blog, please tell me the difference if you know!), this will have to do for now.

In the last entry, I alluded to the dire consequences of not keeping the glass of water in the microwave when not in use (as elucidated by those at Hotel Walther). Since I had an overwhelming one person reply wanting to know, here it is, from the prelude to the 10 rules for microwave use:

The microwave oven is a very useful tool for heating and defrosting food in a fast and clean way. But at the same time it can suffer major damage that can come even to its “EXPLOSION” if the rules that we detail below are not followed.

So now you know.


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