Equator Gringos

August 1, 2007

Moving out

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resize-romeria.JPGYesterday was our last day in our sweet house in Austin. Spending two nights at my in-laws, Earl and Ellen’s before we leave tomorrow for Quito (aaaaagghhhh!). Waking up to Upper Crust Bakery Cinnamon Rolls in the beautiful morning light in their peaceful house is the calm eye in the middle of the storm of packing and moving. It’s not like we put everything off ’til the last minute, but it was still a day that didn’t stop – 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM of busting it. Cleaning, discarding, storing, packing to take. Cleaning. I’m acting like I did a bunch of the cleaning, but not really:

Monday we collaborated pretty well on the kitchen, which took all day because we took everything out and scrubbed the shelf liners and the empty drawers and cabinets. Ditto on the bathroom cabinets, where we threw out probably hundreds of dollars of cough syrup and vitamins – who knew? In contrast, yesterday Joy cleaned the fridge and basically everything else in the house while I was missing in action. My job was to finish going through the nooks and crannies of my stuff and then do it all again when all I wanted to take wouldn’t fit in the suitcases. Someday I’m going to quit apologizing to her that I was still organizing my stuff instead of helping with the cleaning, but not just yet.

I was also in charge of running the Good Ship Goodwill and “garbage scow.” We decided it would be nice to leave our garbage can other-than-full for the new tenants, Marisa and Jeff. However, to do so involved breaking the law. We had to hold up a bank and, at gunpoint, we forced them to put our garbage inside the safe (locking the bank president inside the vault for good measure). Actually, all we did was take our garbage bags and toss them in one of the Tobacco City dumpsters, for the second time in as many days.


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  1. So Luke, glad to hear about you guys “bustin it” all day yesterday – :-) As soon as you get to Quito – you can start “bustin it” again!
    I already miss you guys knowing i can’t dial 512-206-0201 for TWO WHOLE YEARS!!!!!!!!!
    I am already in withdrawal mode. sniff, sniff
    Can’t wait to hear how this new chapter in your lives unfolds!

    Comment by Bettye Halperin — August 1, 2007 @ 12:10 pm

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