Equator Gringos

July 27, 2007

Cars & Trucks

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Today Joy is selling her car. I sell my truck the day before we leave (less than a week now). I should say, “turn over the cars,” because the sales were already a done deal. My truck was basically sold by May I think to Eddie, who works at TNRCC , the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission. He’s being really patient and letting me hold on to the truck until the last minute. It’s all working out as smoothly as it could, not a wild rush to find a buyer. For which we are grateful.

I still have to clean the truck out, finish the shed-doors-won’t-close-properly project, ostensibly fix some siding problem, and cut down the last 3/4 of the mulberry tree. Plus Joy and I together have to clean and triage the bathroom, kitchen and hall cabinets. And by the way, it’s been raining nearly every day for 2 months and there’s water standing in the yard since yesterday.

With that in mind, here’s our schedule:

Today (Friday) – Joy Meals on Wheels function; sells car; dinner with friend. Luke: Lunch with friend; dinner with friend.
Saturday – Joy breakfast with friend; Luke morning meeting; Both: lunch with friend; dinner with friends.
Sunday – Joy breakfast with friend, finish tree and shed projects & siding? Movie with friends.
Monday – Pack; finish all house-related, mail-related and computer-related tasks; dinner with Parents
Tuesday – Finish and packing; move out of house, clean house.
Wednesday – All last minute items; sell Luke’s Truck.
Thursday – Fly to Quito

Looks pretty un-doable to me.


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